Speed Collage

In one of our Thursday Zooms we tried some speed collaging!
As you can see, you don’t need any fancy paper and can use anything from your recycling; Seasalt catalogues like Helen or envelopes like Jane!
If you want to have a go you need…
  • …paper
  • …scissors
  • …glue (if you want to stick it down)
  • Set up a still life; bowls, vases, plants. Try to use a variety of different height objects.
  • Challenge yourself to create the scene, using only paper and scissors, in a restricted time frame.
    • 7, 5 or 3 minutes?
  • Try restricting the colours you can use
  • Try tearing the paper instead of cutting it
  • Experiment with folding or curling the paper
Enjoy! We’d love to see what you make!

Photo of the still life we used as inspiration

Susannah and Rosemary’s 4 minute and 5 minute collages with the still life

4 minute collage – Susannah Bangham

4 minute collage – Susannah Bangham

Displayed on different backgrounds

4 minute collage – Rosemary Bangham

4 minute collage – Susannah Bangham

4 minute collage – Helen Wood

Seasalt catalogue

4 minute collage – Ann Abineri

5 minute collage – Jane Taylor

4 minute collage – Sarah Ruff


4 minute collage – Lesley Fairbridge

Black coffee (no milk jug)

4 minute collage – Jane Taylor