Live auction 2 pots

Available at auction live on Zoom at 5.15pm on Sunday 25th October

Get tickets here to join this event  (Tickets for live auction 2 will only be available until 3pm on Sunday so we can send you the Zoom link in time!) IF YOU MISSED THE 3pm DEADLINE drop us an email [email protected] and we will try to send you the link in time!

The items below will be available to bid on during our live Zoom auction.

Pots from Frank Logan, Joy Voisey, Lucy Blake, Pip Hughes, Steel Haughton and Susannah Bangham.

You can bid for these at the live auction through the ‘chat’ function on Zoom. You will be required to give your name and address in order to buy the pots and payments must be made by cheque, direct bank transfer or PayPal.

If you wish to join the live auction you need to sign up to the get tickets for the event via this link. 

With thanks to our volunteer auctioneers Peter Lefort and Colin Hamilton

Small Green Jug by Susannah Bangham

A delightfuly skwonky but elegant green jug perfect for milk, gravy or for displaying flowers!

Approximate measurements | 12cm height, 12cm diameter

Les Sharpe Jug

Farmhouse Jug by Les Sharpe

This magnificent jug stands 27cm tall. Its a lovely shape with elegant ridge lines in the surface and a speckled finish.

Approximate measurements | 27cm height, 17cm diameter

Deep Dark Blue Jug by Susannah Bangham

Susannah’s first attempt at a large jug, a bit chunky but shapely jug with wax resist and deep dark blue glaze.

Approximate measurements | 14cm height, 14cm diameter

Matt Blue Abstract Vase by Susannah Bangham

The abstract patterns created with a wax resist technique and the bright, matt blue glaze create a lively decoration on this vase.

Approximate measurements | 12cm height, 12cm diameter

Swirled Vase by Susannah Bangham

Susannah has been experimenting with lots of surface decorating techniques. This large marbled vase has swirly blue and green patterns with crackled glazing.

Approximate measurements | 16cm height, 14cm diameter

Pearly Pot by Pip Hughes

Pip creates beautiful felt vessels which she then embroiders and embellishes with gorgeous little details. This pearly pot has fine embroidery, soft silk layers and pearl berries.

Approximate measurements | 6cm height, 10cm diameter

Tall Textured Vase by Lucy Blake

This impressively tall textured vase made with black clay has hints of pale purples and blues with flecks of copper colour. The variegated lines and experimental glazing make this a unique artwork.

Approximate measurements | 28cm height, 12cm diameter

Tall Blue Vase by Frank Logan

This striking single stem vase gives me a sense of sand, sea and sky with its hazy blue tones and sandy hints at the bottom.

Approximate measurements | 41cm height, 16cm diameter

Moon Jar by Susannah Bangham

After about 27 attempts Susannah finally managed to make a moon jar shape! This one is decorated with layers of glaze creating a bubbly textured surface.

Approximate measurements | 16cm height, 16cm diameter

Blue & Turquoise Large Vase by Steele Haughton

Exquisite layered glaze with a ridge of earthy tones coming through the turquoise and blue top layer.

Approximate measurements | 18cm height, 16cm diameter

Large Vase by Steele Haughton

This large vase with it’s crackled belly and dark blue top is a stunning piece on its own or filled with flowers!

Approximate measurements | 13cm height, 18cm diameter

Set of Three Bowls by Frank Logan

These three beautiful bowls compliment each other perfectly. The rich earthy tones pick up the throwing lines.

Approximate measurements | 5cm height, 10cm diameter, 5cm height, 11cm diameter, 7cm height, 15cm diameter

Large Bowl by Steele Haughton

A beautiful large bowl, with echoes of pale blue and hazy purple across the surface.

Approximate measurements | 12cm height, 28cm diameter

Large Blue Bowl by Frank Logan

Approximate measurements | 12cm height, 36cm diameter

Janet Edwards Pots for Pots at Cambridge Makers 2020

Drop Flower Dish by Janet Edwards

We are delighted to have a Janet Edwards dish as part of the Pots Auction. Janet has been retired from potting for a number of years which means her pots are hard to get hold of! This dish has delicate flowers decorating the surface in her signature style.

Approximate measurements | 4cm height, 18cm diameter

Joy Voisey Bird Bath

Birdbath by Joy Voisey

Joy’s beautiful bird baths have a shimmering bottom made from recycled gin bottles. With three sweet little clay birds perched a top this would be a delightful addition to any garden.

Approximate measurements | 40cm diameter

Receiving your pots

When we arrange payment for your pots you will need to decide how you want to receive them.

  • Pots purchased can be collected from the following places:
    • Woodwind and Reed, 106 Russell St, Cambridge
    • Cambridge Makers, 6 Lintech Court, Linton, CB21 4XN
    • Chesterton (by special request)
  • If you would like your pot to be posted there will be an extra charge to cover postage and packaging. This will be a minimum of £10 for those within the UK.

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