Pom Pom Garlands

If you want to have a go you need…
  • …wool
  • …a fork
  • …scissors (sharp pointy fabric scissors are best)
  • …felt for leaves if making fruit
  • …kitchen paper towel if making bees
  • …large wool needle to thread them together
Step by step:
  • Cut a piece of wool roughly 20cm long (long enough to double tie twice)
  • Put it between the middle two tines of the fork hanging equally either side.
  • Take one end of your wool and begin wrapping it around all four tines of your fork.
  • Keep wrapping until you have a nice thick bundle around it.
  • Take the ends you placed between the tine at the beginning and do a loose knot around the bundle (just one loop, not a double knot, yet).
  • Pull it tight and carefully slide the bundle off the fork.
  •  Pull the ends round to tie a loose knot on the other side, pull it tight, then keeping it tight, tie it double.
  • Now slide the scissors gently in one side through all the loops and cut them.
  • Do the same with the loops on the other side. Take care not to miss any loops.
  • Roll the scraggly pom pom around between the palms of your hands.
  • Then give it a trim to the shape you want.
  • Great for using up left over wool from knitting or crochet projects
  • They literally hang together by the tying, so if it’s not tight enough try using something thinner and or rougher to tie it off.
  • To make it in to a bee you need to make stripes by wrapping yellow close to the fork base, then black, then yellow close to the end of the fork. Cut an 8 shape in kitchen paper towel for wings and tie these onto the back of the bee.
  • To make fruit you can cut leaf shapes from felt then sew, glue or tie them in place.
  • Thread them together into a garland either by tying them individually to hang off a long piece of string OR you can thread them straight on to a long string using the needle.
  • If you thread them onto rough garden twine it is rough so you won’t need to knot between them.
  • If you thread onto wool and want it to hang vertically you may need to tie knots between each pom pom.
  • Garden twine also makes great fruit stalks! Tie a knot in the bottom, thread the pom pom fruit on with a needle then double knot the end where you want the top of the stalk to be.
Enjoy! We’d love to see what you make!

Pom pom fruits by Susannah

Pom pom fruits inspired us to create the hungry caterpillar story in pom poms!

Pom pom ladybird and bee by Susannah

A lovey fuzzy buzz of bees from Davina