Origami Tulips and Butterflies

Our creative director, Susannah Bangham, showed us how to make origami butterflies and tulips which can be used for all sorts of decorative and gifting purposes.

If you want to have a go you will need:
  • Paper!
    • This should be cut into perfect squares
    • The key detail is that it’s not too thick. It needs to be thin enough to fold over a few times. Old envelopes, wrapping paper, magazines etc. all work well.

For instructions see:


  • See how big and small you can make them (using different sized paper)
  • Make a few into a mobile
  • Stick them to a headband with glue like Susannah!

Origami moths and butterflies by Susannah

Butterflies by Florence

Butterflies by Jen’s daughter

Butterfly by Liz

Origami butterfly by Ann with calligraphy detail

After the Zoom!

Butterfly by Sarah


Davina’s butterfly using her prints from our linocutting course with Lovely Lydia

Spring headdress by Susannah

Butterfly mobile by Rosemary

Butterfly by Liz

Butterfly gifting

Butterfly and tulip by Sarah

Butterfly mobile by Rosemary