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One-Keyed Folk Flute Making

Course overview | Participants on this course will make their very own folk flute in African Blackwood.  The flute you will make has been specially designed for Cambridge Woodwind Makers by the course tutors Peter Worrell and Paul Windridge. The flute is pitched at 440hz and designed for folk music players; Traditional, Irish and Celtic style music.

Over the five days participants will rough billets, bore the joints and do the reaming. Outside turning will be undertaken by a combination of lathe machine turning and hand turning. Participants will set out the toneholes, polish the bores and finishing the outside surface of the wood.

They will be expected to hand cut the headjoint embouchure after the initial machining is carried out.  Machine turning of the tenon rings is standard and demonstrations of soldering and banding with silver will be given.
The flute has a single key as standard and the student will gain experience of use of hand tools and soldering. Advice will be given on the making of specialised tooling and machinery if students wish to make further models in their own workshops.
Courses will only run with a minimum of three participants and a maximum of six.


One Keyed Folk Flute Making course with Peter Worrell and Paul Windridge at Cambridge Art Makers

One-Keyed Folk Flute Making – September 2019

Sun 1st September @ 12:00 - Fri 6th September @ 12:00

One Keyed Folk Flute Making course with Peter Worrell and Paul Windridge at Cambridge Art Makers

One-Keyed Folk Flute Making – April 2020

Sun 19th April 2020 @ 09:00 - Thu 23rd April 2020 @ 17:00

Tutor | Peter Worrell

Through working with both Howarths and Duncan Crawford, Peter has refined the art of woodwind instrument design with focus on mechanisms of oboes, clarinets and flutes. A highly accomplished key maker and craftsman, he now focuses on making entire flutes and has recently designed and made clarinets and recorders for one-handed musicians. Peter also gets involved behind the scenes at Cambridge Woodwind Makers and is a valuable part of the organisation.

Paul Windridge Cambridge Woodwind Makers course tutor

Tutor | Paul Windridge

Paul is a woodwind repairer and instrument maker based in Leicestershire. Having worked at Rudall Carte and co in the 1980’s Paul had gone on to be an instrument maker and inventor in his own right. Paul was one of the first craftsmen to see the need and potential of Cambridge Woodwind Makers and provides a huge amount of help and encouragement. Paul also teaches on the woodwind repair courses held regularly at The Champion Workshop.

The course fee covers all the materials, use of tools and expert tuition. It also includes some lunches, light refreshments and some evening meals. The finished flute will be yours to keep.

Cost | £880

Course duration |  5 consecutive days


Sunday | 12.00-16.00

Monday – Thursday | 9.00 – 17.00

Friday | 9.00-12.00

Depending on progress made during each day, some times may run later into the evening.

Abilities | Suitable for adults and students over 16 years old; musicians, artisans and craftspeople.

Some wood turning experience is desirable but not essential, however, ideally you would try to gain experience in advance of the course. If you have had prior woodturning experience you are more likely to complete your instrument satisfactorily within the week long course. We can arrange a continuation course if you do not complete within the allocated time.

Questions | if you have any questions or comments please email

What to bring | You will need to wear workshop appropriate clothing; no tassels, closed toe shoes etc. Aprons and overalls are available. Remember glasses if you need them, the work involves looking at small details. If you wish to bring any of your own tools please make sure they are marked or labelled.


Calum Stewart testing out the Cambridge Woodwind Makers Folk Flute

Course Images

Location | 6 Lintech Court, Linton, Cambridgeshire, CB21 4XN, ENGLAND

Transport | The workshop is a few miles south of Cambridge city and can be reached by the route 13 buses. Follow signs to Linton Zoo and we are on the industrial estate next door.

Accommodation |  If you are not local to Cambridge you will need to arrange your own accommodation for the duration of the course. View our accommodation page for ideas.

Participant Guidelines | Please read our participant guidelines which can be found here

Booking | Your reservation on a course is not complete until payment has been received.

Photos | We may take pictures during classes which may be used on our social media feeds and later in publicity. If you wish not to be in photographs please let the tutor and staff know at the start of the class.

Insurance | We have pubic liability insurance, however personal accident insurance is obligatory for non EU participants.

Deposits | Any course with a fee of £200 or more includes a non-refundable deposit of £200.

Alternative Dates | If the dates available do not suit you it may be possible to arrange a date that does. However, we can only run an instrument making course with a minimum of two people and a Repair & Care with a minimum of three.

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