Saxophone Day Clinic with Curt Altarac

Course overview | An opportunity to join like minded repairers in a day with Curt Altarac of MusicMedic. ” The most driven repairer I have ever met”!

Cambridge Woodwind Makers is hosting Curt for a day of show-and-tell of repair techniques and the ever growing range of MusicMedic products.

In this clinic Curt will walk you through the two parts of a saxophone overhaul. The mechanical restoration and the aural overhaul. You will learn and understand the procedures necessary to create a machine that plays without mechanical limitations. This includes techniques for fitting keys, necks, leveling pads, pad cups, material choice pad choice and more. You will be taken through the procedures used at the Sax ProShop and will gain an understanding of the proper chronological order necessary to properly overhaul any saxophone. Many of the techniques employed at the ProShop will save your shop time and money while producing superior and consistent results.

Once an instrument is mechanically sound, there is still a lot of work to do. Curt will explain his techniques for Tuning and Toning saxophones as well as other procedures involved in making the instrument sound its best. This discussion will include, key height set up using Curt’s Balanced venting method, Play Testing and Play Trusting, Tuning, Toning, the use of bore, neck and tone hole liners and other tuning techniques. Curt will discuss practical implementations of his techniques and his acoustical modifications during the finishing stages of a Sax ProShop overhaul.


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Tutor | Curt Altarac

Curt is a highly revered woodwind instrument repairer from the USA. He specialises in saxophones and his company, MusicMedic is known for innovative  and high-spec repairing techniques.

Curt was the winner of the 2006 Dick Rusch Memorial Award (to the outstanding clinician) for his clinic on Saxophone Tuning and Toning at the National NAPBIRT convention.


There will be light refreshments throughout the day.

Cost | FREE

Course duration | 1 day

Times | 10.00am – 4.00pm

Abilities | This course should be of interest to experienced repairers only.

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