The Claritie is a unique invention by Daniel Bangham; this support designed primarily for clarinets, takes the weight of the instrument away from the thumbs, arms and hands when holding a clarinet. With an elegant, polished rosewood rest this invention is both practical and stylish with an artisan touch.

The hook ring fits between the bell and bottom joint and the hanger goes between your body and the hook fitting.

Especially excellent for those with double joints, strain injuries and wrist of finger aches and pains.

For Bb or A clarinets. Comes with hook-ring attachment and sling.

The Claritie received the ‘Enabling Award’ at the 2017 OHMI Trust Awards.

Buy a Claritie from Reeds Direct.

Clarinet for one-handed musicians

The clarinet for one handed musicians was designed and made by Peter Worrell. This fantastic creation is available for left-handed or right-handed players and includes all the necessary accessories, including a Daniel’s Claritie, microphone adaptors, fingering charts and more.

This invention received a ‘Playable Award ‘ from the OHMI Trust Awards in 2017.

For more information on this instrument see Peter’s website:

To see one in action follow the Youtube link:

A unique clarinet for one-handed musicians.

Scrapheap Orchestra

The Scrapheap Orchestra was a BBC program screened in 2011.

Eight leading UK instrument makers designed and manufactured forty-four modern concert instruments for the BBC concert orchestra to perform at the prestigious 2011 Proms. The big challenge was that they all had to be made out discarded or scrap materials.

Daniel Bangham was responsible for the design and making of the two oboes and two bassoons.

Daniel explained that one of the many challenges was attaining a long-tapered bore of the appropriate shape for each of the instruments. “I ended up using carbon-fibre golf club handles and carbon-fibre fishing rods.” Bicycle parts, computer printer, computer hard-drives and cutlery feature in the key-work and buttons, children’s toys, saw-blades, coins and pens feature in other mechanisms.

The makers completed the challenge in just 11 weeks and the performance received a standing ovation at the BBC proms.

Read more about it by clicking the Scrapheap Stories button below.

It is only by having a huge in depth knowlege of the way that an instrument is designed, made and adjusted that it was possible to create these credible instruments. All the makers involved in this project possess this knowledge, these are the very skills we need to preserve.
Despite knowing what we wanted to achieve, the project took hundreds of hours of work for each instrument maker. Not only did it require many hours but also a huge amount of ingenuity!

Please take the time to find out more about the people involved.

In alphabetical order:
Daniel Bangham: Oboes and Bassoons
Andrew Bellis: Bows
Rob Cain: Violins
Benjamin Hebbert: Low strings
Pete Oxley: Bows
Paul Jeffries: Percussion
Mick Rath: Trombones
Andrew Taylor: Trumpets and Tuba
Andrew Wheeldon: Flute and Clarinet
Luke and Heidi Woodhead: French Horns

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