Cambridge Woodwind Makers is a not for profit organisation, whose trustees are committed to providing a platform from which to preserve and teach the skills associated with woodwind instrument making.

“After many conversations with my colleagues around the world, we have come to an unfortunate conclusion. We are none of us (recorder makers certainly!) getting any younger. We also look around and see the same faces at exhibitions and shows that we saw twenty years ago. Great for professional solidarity, but worrying in other respects.” – Tim Cranmore

It is this perceived need to encourage new instrument makers to take to the stage that has inspired the development of Cambridge Woodwind Makers. Its conception followed many conversations and it was these realisations that led Daniel Bangham to decide to combine his experience of making, lecturing in instrument repair, and extensive network of interesting people, to do something about the situation. Cambridge Woodwind Makers intends to share skills and preserve them through encouraging active participation.


Conceived and developed over a number of years by Daniel Bangham, clarinet maker and owner of Wood Wind & Reed music shop Cambridge.

The byline Preservation through Participation was adopted by  Cambridge Woodwind Makers. soon after its formal incorporation in October 2011.

Charitable status was achieved in spring 2012.

The first course was run in February 2012.

By February 2017 participants had made over 200 instruments. At least two students have continued to make instruments with the idea of making it a career.

We have also hosted over 50 children who have made woodland whistles and recorders.

We relocated to Linton in January 2018.