It is our objective to make a difference. By bringing together the best resources possible into a new visitors center and learning environment, we can inspire new people to get making and improve the skills of those who are willing to learn.

With these skills learnt and preserved, we will continue to have a rock solid industry that has the ability to remain at the forefront of instrument design and improvement, and to enrich the lives of the new makers, players and listeners.

The benefits of playing your own music and listening to music are well researched and acknowledged. The joy and reward in making your own instruments are lesser known but adequately substantiated. The skills you learn when you make an instrument from scratch are extraordinary and they equip you to tackle any task that might be required by the player as well as invaluable self-satisfaction and respect for the beauty of the craft.

This pressing need to pass on the skills of instrument making combined with an emphatic desire to share these skills and pass them on to future generations is the reason for developing this project. Its intervention will ensure that others can share in the benefits both of the joy of making, the joy of playing and the joy of listening.

Like all things in life the quickest way to get good at something is to learn from experts and to practice as much as possible!