Writing Life: Writing for children and young people

with Lesley Beake

This course has passed, however, we are keeping a waiting list of people interested. Please email cambridgemakers@gmail.com if you would like to be kept informed of future iterations of this course.

Previously it existed in the following format:

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th June 2019 | 10.00 – 15.00 each day | £210

Is writing a bug that bites and bites?

Time to do something about it. Writing is neither as difficult as it looks – nor as easy as some people make it out to be. It is a craft and an art, but more than that it has to be a passion. That is what makes writers write; passion.

So, start. Sharpen a pencil. Take up a pen. Peck at a keyboard. Writing can become a way of remembering, a way of forgetting, a way of expressing the ideas and thoughts of your mind and your heart. It can also be fun.

Lesley Beake, a writer who is well known internationally, and who has over ninety books with her name on them, began writing over thirty years ago and will never stop now. Writing is, for her, a daily event, much missed on days when she can’t get at it, much enjoyed when she can.

This writing course offers some fresh, original ideas about how to get the words down, get them to dance to the right tune – and possibly get them published.  They are all Lesley’s ideas because she has never done a writing course herself, either online or off. So it is all straight from the writer’s mind and from practical experience. It is filled with ideas and inspiration from her own writing and from the books by other writers that she has loved most. Hopefully, it will also make you smile.

This course will cover the down to earth basics of good writing for all ages, but particularly for young people.

Refreshments and lunches are included in the cost as well as a donation to Children’s Book Network.

Please note that this course will only run with a minimum of 4 participants. Should we have to cancel a full refund will be issued.

About Lesley

“Books are life for me. I read them, write them and work with them pretty much all the time I am awake. My particular interest is in books for children and young people. After having published 90 titles for readers from age 4 to age 14, I now concentrate on introducing the joys of reading to children through Children’s Book Network – www.childrensbook.co.za*

I was born in Scotland, emigrated to South Africa with my family as a child, and have lived in various bits of Africa ever since. I draw my inspiration from the landscapes and people of this continent, particularly children of all ages.

We need more stories with hope, with laughter, with love. There is so much to write about in the world. Join me!”

*Part of the course fee will be donated to Children’s Book Network.

You can find out more about Lesley, her publications and awards at: www.lesleybeake.co.za

Creative writing course with Lesley Beake
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