Cambridge Makers covid-19 guidelines

Individuals will have different views and anxieties around this. We expect everyone to follow our guidelines so that everybody can still feel comfortable joining us.

  • All tutors and participants will be required to follow our guidelines
  • Courses will be postponed if a tutor has any symptoms. Confirmation/cancellation emails will be sent the evening before the course*
  • Anyone with symptoms must not attend a booked course and must notify us. They can attend a future course any time after the two week isolation period
  • All participants and tutors will need to wash or sanitise their hands on arrival at and departure from Cambridge Makers
  • We will limit our short courses to just five participants
  • We have set up fixed-desk arrangements to ensure physical distance between participants
  • Each participant will have their own tools and resources cleaned and set out by the tutor in advance of the class
  • Necessarily-shared equipment will have hand sanitiser available for use before and after use of the equipment
  • All participants will be required to wear their own mask during demonstrations. They can choose whether or not to wear them for the remainder of the class
  • Tutors will be required to wear clear visors rather than masks so they can more easily communicate and demonstrate
  • All demonstrations will be done from a demonstration desk with as much distancing as is possible
  • Tutors will limit the time at each individual desk so as to minimise potential contact time
  • Please follow WHO guidance on sneezing and coughing away from people and into a handkerchief or similar
  • The kitchen will be out of bounds except for tutors.
  • The upstairs cutting room will be out of bounds except for tutors
  • No refreshments will be provided or shared
  • Lunches and breaks can be had at individual desks or outside
  • The toilet at top of the stairs will be reserved for the downstairs workshop users only
  • The toilet next to the kitchen will be reserved for the upstairs studio users only
  • Toilet lids should be shut when flushed
  • We recommend that individuals avoid using each toilet within half an hour of each other
  • Anyone experiencing any of the covid-19 symptoms listed on the NHS website within two weeks of attending a course with us must notify us

If you are unable to follow any of these guidelines, please let us know and we will try to come up with alternative solutions.

*We will check with the tutor the afternoon before the course starts to confirm they have no symptoms. We will then send a confirmation email to confirm the course is going ahead, and to check you aren’t experiencing any symptoms. The course could still be cancelled if the tutor wakes up unwell. It is therefore important that we have a working phone number for you.

The evidence we have read from the Centre for Disease Control, suggests that by far the greatest risk of transmitting the virus is by aerosol transmission through close contact and coughing. Estimates suggest that it is 1000 less likely to be transmitted by a person touching a contaminated surface than it is by an actively infected person coughing in the same space as another person.