Rainbow Suncatchers

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Rainbow Suncatchers - June 2019£60.00

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Rainbow Suncatchers

with Jill Fordham

Saturday 22nd June | 10.00-16.00| £60

Have fun selecting from a huge variety of vibrant coloured glass  to make a colourful suncatcher. Learn basic glass cutting, copperfoiling and soldering techniques,and a bit about designing for stained glass or  be spontaneous with your pattern, and make it up as you arrange your glass pieces.  The fun of this course is in playing with and arranging scraps of glass and it is possible to make up a suncatcher without cutting any glass at all, therefore enabling learners with all levels of ability to still enjoy working with glass. (Copperfoiling is a way of assembling differently coloured glass pieces used in the making tiffany lampshades.) You will end the day with a vibrant piece of glass to hang or place in your window, sized 15×15 cm and be uplifted by the wonderful coloured light it harnesses.