Mini Makers | bunny bookmark

Instructions on how to make your bunny bookmark from our Mini Makers Easter courses flyer
  1. With your flyer facing eyes and ears up! Cut along the line above the ears.
  2. Cut the ears out and set them aside.
  3. Fold the square (the bit with the eyes on) into a triangle (just under bunny’s nose)
  4. Flip the triangle over so you can’t see the eyes any more and fold corners A and C up to corner B to make a smaller square. (use the two dotted lines indicated to fold on.
  5. Fold corners A, B and C (now hidden) down to bunny’s nose and crease the fold line.
    1. Then fold back and tuck these corners down behind bunny’s nose
  6. Tuck the corner of his ears into the pocket (if you have some glue put some in that corner) and….voila!

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