Cactus Pincushions

If you don’t do proper prep. before your Zoom call you have to do super speedy sewing! As Rosemary learnt the hard way! It was lovely to see how many people gave this a try.

These coveted pin cushions found in the Cambridge Art Makers’ studio are super simple to make if you have some felt, stuffing and a needle and thread lying around!

You just need to cut five ovals and sew them together, half an oval at a time so you end up with five leaves.

We use blanket stitch so it looks spikey on the seams before you even put pins in.

Remember to put some stuffing in before you stitch the final pairing!

They look lovely in little terracotta pots, we just super glued them in.

Hopefully the video and drawings help if you are struggling to work it out. If you want more direction, let us know.

by Valerie, with lovely flower pins!

by Deborah, with a custom crocheted pot

by Emma, had to improvise to suit the fabric available! We all love it!

by Liz with exquisite details

by Rachael, with a lovely felt flower detail

by Ann, with such pretty pink stitching

by Helen and Pru, experimenting with different fabrics for extra texture

by Claire, using up some lovely cordoroy and a lovely pot

by Florence, aged 8

by Sarah, experiments with shapes and cut with pinking shears for extra spikeyness

by Karen, became a sea creature without green felt! Also a lovely ribbon detail

by Chris, technique also works to make octopus pincushions!

by Emily, in Portugal

by Emily, rejected by cat as a cat toy….

by Chris, with a handmade fabric pot