6. Corona Bottle – Papier-mâché Pen Pot

The one you were all waiting for 😉 the corona bottle!

All you need is flour, water, a plastic bag, a bottle (or bowl) of any size, and paper.

Mix the flour and water to make a dense paste and layer up paper pieces with the paste on each piece. Remember to let it dry after every couple of layers.

If, like us, your local shop is out of flour and you have a crafters cupboard then you can use wallpaper paste or, for a glossy look, watered down PVA glue.

Make sure you wrap your mould in plastic (a bag or clingfilm works well) first so that your papier-mâché doesn’t stick to it.

Happy crafting, if you give this a go, please remember to tag us #covidcrafting @cambridgeartmakers