5. Tin Can – Woven Plant Pot

Use old clothes, ripped jeans, clothes-hanging ribbons, ribbon handles from paper bags, old zips, bits of wool & raffia to create textured pictures.

Use an old picture frame as your loom – wrap string round and round to make the warp and then weave the pieces above over the string – over, under, over under; remember to tie off the ends.

Wrap your textured textile round a tin can and bingo – a lovely vase, pen pot or plant pot!

Of course you can just keep the textiles flat as lovely hangings!

Enjoy and remember to tag any photos on your social media: #covidcrafting @cambridgeartmakers

This weaving style is rough and ready for people at home, Paula Armstrong teaches next level weaving courses for us. We can’t wait to be able to have her back to show us how it’s really done and where it can take you.